Monday, July 6, 2015

Sim's Park, Coonoor

Sim's Park in Coonoor is one of the major attraction that is feast for the nature lovers. At a height of 1780 meters above mean sea level this park extends over an area of 12 hectares of mountain terrian.

This park-cum-botanical garden was developed around the natural contours of the land by Mr. J.D. Sims and Major Murray in the year of 1874. This park not only has naturally occurring trees, shrubs and creepers, as well as many unusual species of plants that have been brought in from a variety of places around the world. 

The lanscape has beautiful terrace with colorful flower beds, lawns. One can also see some rare trees like Rudraksh, Cinnamomum, Queensland karry pine.  This park has more than 1000 species of plants.  

This park which is more than 100 years old is a feast of flora offset with ponds and walking paths. The park is  home to various birds that is treat to the eyes.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Nadankanan Zoo - Bengal Tiger

Nadankanan Zoo at Bhubaneswar is one of great zoo in India. There are various animals and birds at the zoo. One among them is Bengal Tiger.

Its body color is yellow to light orange, with stripes ranging from dark brown to black.

The tiger's belly and the interior parts of the limbs are white, and the tail is orange with black rings. 

They have exceptionally stout teeth, and the canines are the longest among all living felids.